The roles of energy supplier and energy consumer are being redefined by technologies such as solar, storage, advanced metering and smarter appliances. At the forefront of this change is a diverse range of bespoke energy projects initiated by consumers, suppliers, state and local governments that include:

  • generating electricity ‘behind the meter’
  • storing energy
  • energy efficiency and demand management
  • buying and selling energy: innovative electricity and gas contracts
  • community energy initiatives and microgrids
  • research into consumption patterns

The Energy Project exists to provide tailored, practical advice to these projects.

Our active client list includes:

  • Energy utilities and distributors – providing advice on new business models, product development and regulatory issues particularly those affecting distributed energy systems.
  • NSW Office of Environment and Heritage – design and implementation of an energy efficiency program for the Community Housing sector.
  • A number of commercial clients pursuing solar initiatives including large infrastructure clients, national retailers and Real Estate Investment Trusts.
  • Kangaroo Island Council – providing a range of technical and project management services in relation to the island’s energy infrastructure.
  • Other local governments – energy reviews and strategic advice.